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The Sarnau of Cardigan Bay

The Sarnau of Cardigan Bay (Sarn Cynfelin, Sarn Badrig and Sarn-y-Bwlch) are unusual shallow sub-tidal reefs, and are included in the Pen Llyn Ar Sarnau  Special Area of Conservation (SAC). All three Sarns extend in a general direction of west from the mainland and the longest St Badrig extends some 24km offshore. These Sarnau are thought to be relics of glacial moraine deposited during the last ice age and washed clean by the sea to leave mounds and ridges of boulders and cobbles (Foster 1970).

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Bottlenose dolphins use Aberystwyth harbour

The use of Aberystwyth harbour by bottlenose dolphins by Sarah Lister.
Overall, this study revealed that Aberystwyth provides an area of considerable interest to bottlenose dolphins and may also provide an important nursery area to mothers with calves.

Within Cardigan Bay, much effort has focussed on researching bottlenose dolphins in the Cardigan Bay Special Area of Conservation (SAC) around New Quay. It is increasingly apparent however, that this species ranges much further than the boundaries of the SAC and that the current protective designations for them and the habitats which they rely upon are limited. As such, recent research efforts aim to investigate how bottlenose dolphins use other parts of Cardigan Bay in the hope that this will inform debate regarding the improvement and potential expansion of the current protective designations.

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