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The Legend of Cantre' r Gwaelod

The job of sluice keeper was an important one, so it was an unwise move by the king to put his friend Seithennyn in charge, because Seithennyn enjoyed a glass or two of ale. One night a storm pushed a spring tide into the sea walls. It so happened that King Gwyddno was holding a party that night in his palace a few miles off Aberystwyth. Seithennyn was there, oblivious to the waves battering away at the sea walls; the sluices were left open and Cantref Gwaelod was inundated. The King and a few of his cronies ran to safety along Sarn Cynfelin, where he watched his beloved land disappear forever. Even now, it is said, you can still hear church bells chiming across the waters on quiet Sunday mornings.



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