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Scallop Dredging in Cardigan Bay

FoCB has grave concerns over the sustainability of these operations at their current levels. Scallop dredging is acknowledged as one of the most destructive methods of fishing resulting in habitat degradation, desertification and loss of important and complex ecosystems.

 Many conservation, fishing and tourism organisations, not to mention people from all walks of life, are united in their very real fears for the future of the Bay, not only as regards wildlife, but their livelihoods and welfare which depend on a healthy and flourishing seabed.

 FoCB, along with others, are of the opinion that the UK government is in serious breach of the habitats directive under European law by allowing this to take place without an appropriate environmental impact assessment, in an area containing two Special Areas of Conservation.

 We are therefore asking DEFRA (via Mark Williams MP) and the Welsh Assembly government to look into this with immediate effect.

 There is a misconception from some local fisherman that we are demanding a complete ban on scallop fishing in the Bay. Nothing could be further from the truth, FoCB would like to emphasise that we want to see a healthy and productive seabed supporting a long term thriving and sustainable fishing industry and a continued diversity of wildlife for future generations. Short term gains from industrial scale scallop dredging could put all of this in jeopardy.




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